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Month Archive: August2016


Posted by MawdsLeigh in 25th Aug 2016 Tagged in , , ,

If you are causing depression to yourself, you are generating strong intense emotions that work against you. Strong enough emotions...

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When you are ready, the person you are meant to learn from will appear before you.

Posted by MawdsLeigh in 19th Aug 2016 Tagged in , , ,

Such a huge variety of opinions exist, there is so much stuff out there in the world. Everybody selling their...

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Posted by MawdsLeigh in 6th Aug 2016 Tagged in , ,

Written by Veronica Leigh. I am always fascinated at how much society willingly accepts consuming prescription medication. People very rarely...

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Psychological Barriers

Posted by MawdsLeigh in 1st Aug 2016 Tagged in , ,

Psychological barriers are the trap of the mind – it is so limited. Choices, likes and dislikes are projections from...

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