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Oil and Gas Corporate


This company was merging with another and wanted to make the transition as effective as possible. One of the company’s core values is to explore new ways of thinking, so they approached MawdsLeigh to work with them. There were challenges within global leadership teams and managing their staff expectation during the change. We were brought in to prioritise the significant gaps between the two cultures of the merging companies and provide recommendations for bridging them.

What We Did:

Involving us at such an early stage of transition was crucial. It allowed us to discover opportunities and identify key problem areas from the global leadership team heads. When the problem areas were identified we provided support to the heads of the leadership teams and mapped out all sources of value. Communication, organisation and coordination were paramount throughout.


  • Established a processes and structure for a seamless transition
  • Provided support for all leadership teams communication needs
  • Significantly reduced stress
  • Operations were more efficient and productivity enhanced
  • Started to address the purpose and potential of each individual and how to fulfil this regardless of the circumstance