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When you are ready, the person you are meant to learn from will appear before you.

Posted by MawdsLeigh in 19th Aug 2016 Tagged in , , ,

Such a huge variety of opinions exist, there is so much stuff out there in the world. Everybody selling their wares in the marketplace can become very confusing, however in my experience I truly believe you get exactly the person you are meant to get.

Some people like nice fluffy, people pleasers who will make them feel super special. Others get the very person that triggers them beyond a point of their control; makes them say crazy stuff; projects all sorts about them to anyone who will listen to them. This person is the one you will have the most growth with. The person who triggers you to that level is the guru you really want to have around you. They can give you pointers to take you into a different dimension – to know life as it really is and come out of our robotic, mundane, boring projections.

When you really want to get rid of someone because of all sorts of reasons, how much they trigger you when you are raging, jealous or being prejudice towards them. When you feel inadequate and feel stupid around them, they are the one! Stick with them to experience a completely different level of life.

When something hurts, it is very helpful.