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The MawdsLeigh Difference: turning stress and conflict into long-term performance in SMEs, corporations and multi-national organizations.

Stress transformed to performance

Tapping into and altering perceptions of negative stress is at the heart of our energizing model that stimulates performance. Our solution creates a fundamental shift in understanding stress, which benefit the entire organisation, from executives and senior managers to customer-facing staff.

We know that

  • 70% of change initiatives fail


  • a 10% increase in employee workload, even to implement the change, faces resistance

So we target the company’s critical stress triggers then develop and implement robust, efficient strategies that unlock staff engagement, even in times of uncertainty.

Resilience training for long-term change

Studies show that change and transformation in industry grow best from longer interval-based engagement rather than one-off projects.

Our industry-leading techniques work progressively towards organic, effortless change, whatever the everyday transition or unexpected trauma (from economic crisis, cyber-attack, digital system failure to restructuring, redundancy, pay-cuts, merger and acquisitions).

First we diagnose where resistance generates in the company, then we tailor our model to provoke engagement and maximize ability across the organization, using the most effective methods in training today:

  • experiential learning
  • process change
  • data-driven tools
  • transparency and accountability

Participants of MawdsLeigh’s resilience training can look forward to a future in which they

  • accept the realities of a situation
  • understand reaction and response to trauma, disaster and crisis
  • adopt a productive and progressive approach to adversity
  • make the most of any situation by using resources in unfamiliar ways
  • respond effectively to adversity or crisis

The MawdsLeigh commitment

We are committed to creating targeted, innovative programs that uniquely fit every need and budget and take your organization to a more successful future. We offer

  • educational talks
  • one-to one-sessions
  • group workshops
  • training and support programs and workshops