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What we do

With a tradition of converting stress and conflict into highly effective performance and communication, MawdsLeigh empowers corporate groups and leaders across the globe.

MawdsLeigh is home to formidable teams of stress-management and communication experts with in-depth experience and knowledge that we tailor for multiple industries.

However, we are not just excellent corporate-development experts – we are committed to going above and beyond to understand our clients’ needs, provide creative solutions and build long-lasting relationships based on trust.


MawdsLeigh is a negotiation conflict-, and stress-resolution firm delivering expert corporate-driven personal-development strategies to UK and global organisations.

We provide highest-quality guidance and develop best practices for private and public-sector clients in core areas such as mergers and acquisitions, business disputes, redundancies, banking and financial services and fuel and energy divisions.

Our clients include large corporates, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, business people and individuals from all backgrounds who are active in almost every sector of the British economy and beyond. They come to us for different reasons but invariably stay with us for the same ones – relationships built on trust and galvanised by the quality of our advice, commercial know-how and shared appetite for success.

The MawdsLeigh Difference is characterised by:

  • Over 25 years’ experience in human behaviour and conditioning to create a stimulating model — The MawdsLeigh Difference — that eliminates negative stress, at speed, to improve performance and create unrivalled work environments.
  • Advice that is distinguished by a practical approach, good judgement and the most relevant expertise.
  • Rapidly finding the root cause of any conflict or problem and transforming it into exhilarating potential, so teams and leaders achieve advanced levels of performance and communication.
  • Know-how that comes from understanding industry sectors and the challenges that businesses face in the UK, Europe and globally.
  • Our commitment to precision, innovation and harnessing the latest approaches that leave traditional methods far behind.

The MawdsLeigh Difference gives corporate teams and leaders the advantage, a clear edge in life and business. It takes decision making to a completely different level, moving understanding of consequences to concrete experience and creating a tool that unlocks potential.