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For Individuals

Transform your life. From the inside out.

We call it The Mawdsleigh Difference: a direct, honest, fast approach to turning your problems into potential.

Using our dynamic personal-development techniques, we tailor creative solutions that lead to highly effective performance and communication in your professional and private life by

  • identifying the root of your conflict
  • eliminating negative stresses
  • facilitate monumental perspective change
  • delivering highest-quality guidance
  • sharing best practices

The MawdsLeigh Difference model

We have created over 25 years of working with human behaviours and conditioning, a stimulating model — The MawdsLeigh Difference – with a refreshing approach and proven personal strategies to eliminate negative stress, at speed, to improve performance and create a complete end to end solution.

In tailored workshops or one-to-one sessions, we explore how your world view – your version of every experience – can trap and trick you, damaging your ability to engage successfully in diverse conversations and situations.

We uncover how and why your world view has left you feeling stuck.

This sense of being so far removed from reality and unable to find a way forward manifests itself in high stress levels, strong emotions and illness.

Our highest priority is your transformation

With our tried-and-tested model for the inner workings of the human condition at the heart of our customisable workshops, we

  • allow space for you to unburden in complete confidence
  • channel your energies into proactive solutions
  • implement advanced change in perspective
  • remove subconsciously imposed barriers
  • bring you back to the here and now
  • deliver win-win results
  • empower you to action to thrive personally and professionally

Our commitment to precision, innovation and harnessing the latest approaches leaves traditional methods far behind.