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Business Owner


Harry Banks was drinking too much, had issues with his weight and was stressed with his construction industry business. He signed up with MawdsLeigh because his problems had started to affect his personal, family and business life. He knew he had to make a change.

Harry’s marriage had ended and he quickly threw himself into a new relationship. His new partner had two kids of her own, and this meant he wasn’t spending much quality time with his own son. He never spoke to his new partner about his dwindling relationship with his son, even though it was tearing him up inside.

What We Did:

He had very little job satisfaction and felt he was only working to pay bills. He built up a lot of resentment towards his day-to-day life, and the suppression of his anger caused him to start drinking and overeating. Harry never talked about the way he was feeling because he didn’t want to upset the people around him, causing him to constantly feel alone and depressed. He didn’t realise that simply communicating with loved ones would make the world of difference.

We also quickly discovered that he was a chronic people pleaser and constantly wanted to be ‘the nice guy’. This was something that had come from his childhood and had stopped him doing the things in life that he really wanted to do. He never had time for himself or the really important people in his life.


  • Started to become more honest with his partner
  • Built a healthier relationship with his son who is now a very close confidant and friend
  • Stopped trying to replace his partner’s children’s father. This meant less pressure and allowed him to enjoy his family life more
  • Started going on walking holidays with his partner, giving them quality time together to rebuild their relationship
  • He remembered what it was like to relax and enjoy life
  • Stopped taking on jobs that he didn’t want to do. This led to him bringing in a large contract that’s been running very well for several months. There’s more creativity and money flowing into his business, and he plans to bring on new staff members to allow his business to grow
  • Lost one stone in weight and is no longer depending on alcohol to feel better