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Banking Employee


Janet Simpson signed up with MawdsLeigh because she was feeling anxious, depressed and unhappy at work. She was married with three kids and working part time in the financial industry.  After losing both her parents in a very short space of time, Janet started on anti-depressants. When she booked on with us, her main concern was how her behaviour was affecting her husband and children.

What We Did:

We quickly recognised that she didn’t like to speak about how she was feeling. She was terrified that being honest would result in hurting or worrying the people she loved. Janet was never able to look at life without her negative projections, judgements fears or doubts. Supressing these emotions was causing her to become depressed, distant and isolated from everyone around her.

Our challenge was to find a way to address these issues in a simple but profound way. The main thing we wanted her to do was to start appreciating quality time with loved ones, especially her children. Spending this time individually with each of her children had a huge impact on strengthening their relationship as a family, and more positive results followed.


  • Started to have more effective communication with her husband
  • Started to be more honest
  • Gained more self-esteem and chose a higher-level position with more responsibility
  • Joined a running club and ran a 10K event, something she never thought she could do
  • No longer on medication
  • Feels that her life is worth living again and is excited about the future