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Posted by MawdsLeigh in 6th Aug 2016 Tagged in , ,

Written by Veronica Leigh.

I am always fascinated at how much society willingly accepts consuming prescription medication. People very rarely question the doctor when they are given a prescription. Someone is telling you what is going on with your body. You are giving your whole life to this person who doesn’t know you and is not with you 24hrs a day. I was one of those people who did not question anything, but I was always sceptical. I always wondered how they knew what was wrong with me. I rarely questioned anything they said but whenever I walked away with my diagnosis and prescription I always knew that there was some sort deficiency in the way I was accepting whatever was said. Of course, at that time, I liked taking no responsibility for any part of my life. I liked blaming others for anything that I wasn’t happy about. It was a very painful way to live. I was always suffering, pained and torturing myself to death in my darkest moments – totally miserable.

Today I experience a very different life. I take full responsibility for everything in my life. I can’t remember the last time I had medication it was so long ago. Whenever I have health checks the doctors always ask what is it that you do your blood pressure is perfect.

Wow that is truly a miracle or is it just the way it is supposed to be…

My answer is always the same: along with delving deep into the inner world I really listen to my body. It is so intelligent. It is the most sophisticated piece of equipment known to mankind, it functions at an incredible level. The moment something fundamentally is out of sync, my body signals me in some way. I very rarely go to the doctor to find anything out. For me, Meditation is key.

Meditation is the state of Nothingness and that is where everything can be achieved, everything can be answered. Now, why is it that most people welcome medication without any problems but Meditation… well they either never have any time to do it or they are not sure if it works, usually because they have no idea how to do it or even worse they say it doesn’t work but have never tried it!

OMG there are so many awesome techniques and methods and various ways to meditate. It’s free, you never get a hangover or panic attacks coming out of it and there are no side-effects. You can do it anywhere and it takes you out of your mundane robotic mind. Woah, what are you waiting for?!