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Yoko Ono – Free Spirit

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 13th May 2013 Tagged in , , ,


Artistically misunderstood, sarcastically known as the most famous widow in the world and blamed as the catalyst for the breakup of the most famous music group of all time, Yoko Ono in reality is an uncompromising artistic visionary who was already an avant-garde superstar before she met John Lennon. Today, Yoko is finally recognized as an influential artist who pushes the boundaries of the art, film, music and theatre media as well as being a peace activist and philanthropist.

I find her one of the most inspiring women in today’s world. She has always been my interpretation of a free spirit.  At 80 yrs old her youthfulness and vibrancy represents everything she is about.

Yoko very much does exactly what she wants to, regardless of her critics. In my opinion how she expresses herself through her work and personal life is quite remarkable.

Having lived most of my life trying to avoid the critics and fit in with society, very unsuccessfully, I now live my life according to what I feel is right, for me. It is nice to know that the small numbers of individuals that live like this too are hugely influential and triumphant.

At MawdsLeigh we hugely encourage freedom of spirit, regardless of the consequences!!!