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What Will I Become?

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 12th Aug 2010 Tagged in , , ,

To have more than you have got in the most simplistic terms become more than you are. Only by personally developing yourself can this happen. Your ability will grow to match your dreams when you set small achievable goals, when you start moving in the right direction lots and lots of opportunities will start to present themselves. I have worked with so many people who say I only made this amount or I am running about mad for nothing, or I hate working for someone, however I have never met anyone who questions themselves about what they are becoming. Instead they become very resentful and continue blaming and complaining. I believe this happens when you are trying to get something out of it; however I always suggest that a very beneficial brilliant attitude to have when taking on any kind of work or a new job, or venture is this – ask yourself what will I become when I do this work, job, new venture etc!! Wow what a question eh?

With all of my personal development clients I have always always been challenged, I have had to develop and take full responsibility in positives as well negative behaviours, I have learned to always correct and refine my attitude and gratitude, my awareness, my values, my discipline it has to be the best profession in the world personal development, even when my lessons have been so painfully excoriating I have always walked away knowing it was all about my growth and I always know that sometimes I have to learn the hard way. Life is really fascinating it is far better than it being frustrating. Creation and achieving a sense of purpose for living a very rich life is mind blowing, its hard to believe that I lived over 36 years of my life in oblivion self delusion and unaware of the beauty and uniqueness that life presents and that it is right in front me everyday if I am aware enough to have it all: what intelligence, what wisdom.