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Veronica’s Valentine’s Day Message

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 13th Feb 2010 Tagged in , ,

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. With all romantic relationships we always want something from our partner or would be partner. We imprison them with, do they love us? Where is my present? Are we the most special person to them? Or we just want them to play with the kids or do the cleaning.

Most lovers will sacrifice their own needs and desires, but sooner or later, we find something wrong with them and can’t stand them anymore.  We then either close down or start looking for a new partner.  Relationships are mirrors of ourselves, what we attract will always have the qualities we have or the beliefs we have.

So if you are looking for love or gifts this Valentine’s Day, it would be really beneficial to look inside rather than outside. We can never ever feel unconditional love, which is your true nature, from anything external. The greatest gift is already inside you.

Whatever it is you want from someone today, that is the very thing that you are called to give. In truly giving, I guarantee you will begin to feel your true nature. It is the most awesome experience a human can ever have.

Happy Valentine’s Day!