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Unconditional Love or Sick Relationships

Posted by veronicaleigheu in , 29th May 2013 Tagged in , , ,

Over the last few months I have worked with many clients who are deeply troubled in their relationships. Some having affairs, some wanting excitement and others who have been cheated on, as they see it. Relationships are a huge topic. Emotional turmoil leads to various addictions, suicidal thoughts, revenge, blame, dominance, control and disrespect. All equal very unhealthy relationships. In my opinion society has a huge part in this warped and antiquated perspective. Relationships become full of politics with no sense of real values.

Most addictions come from being unauthentic, trying to please – not accepting humanity with all its weaknesses. Everybody is here to learn, no one is perfect, everyone has lessons to learn, this is guaranteed. This is called being human.

Being with someone is a tremendous learning, in particular when aware. Awareness is key – forgiveness and understanding.

When you meet someone out of freedom, explore each other, experience the mirror of your consciousness in relations, see your reflection, there is no need to hang around each others neck. A world completely free from any contracts between man and woman is immensely lovely, beautiful, interesting and most of all alive.

If your relationship becomes a legal affair, husband and wife, then burden, bondage, and having to fit in with each other becomes a way of surviving. My idea of a healthy happy relationship is to have your individuality and be totally free from each other, and yet be in love.  And really to be totally different in your individuality creates the best possibility of love.

Why have the scraps when you can have a banquet?