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Posted by MawdsLeigh in 21st Mar 2014 Tagged in , , ,

Suicide is always in the mind. When you think too much you become suicidal. Mediocre people go on living, the unique have to commit suicide. Van Gogh and Hemingway they are unique individuals. Either you commit suicide or you go mad. It is society that drives you mad – the pressure to be beautiful, successful and rich. Wearing masks, trying to live up to what you demand from society. Society is all too destructive, too much for the unique individual.

I know I would go mad living in society, living the way society expects you to live. I used to live only because I knew I could commit suicide. It was such a mad place to be, so close to the edge, so much darkness, so many demands.

So what changed? Realising that those moments do pass, understanding that leaving this world in that state of mind can only bring you back, surrounded by death and darkness again. That was too scary for me, so I decided to live life on my own terms. I learned not to get stuck in mind, the illusion or the importance. I started to find out what I wanted and to this day, I do it my way or no way. I am moving out of my head and into my heart. I feel like never before. I create. I do what is right for me, not what is right for the other.

Being your true self is the only way to be out of the head. When all is said and done you can end your own way of living. It is far more creative than suicide or the destructive ways of living that leads to suicide. Suicidal people are angry, they are not really finished with life – they don’t know life. They are finished with the demands they make on life; when things are not working the way they want them to work. This is really the time for a whole new way of living.

So at MawdsLeigh individuals who are suicidal are ready, really ready, to end the cycle, the trap and the repetitive patterns. No matter what way they do it, it will always ends up the same. They see life as meaningless which it is unless you can transcend and live from the heart in love.