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Sleazy Texts

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 2nd Mar 2010 Tagged in , , ,

Nobody is really addressing the underlying cause of the sleazy texts and sex scandals. The reason I know this is that it recurs every time. It’s never the sleazy texts or the sex scandal that is really the issue. There is an underlying fear – shadow from the past, which needs to be looked at in order to fully understand why they do it.

The more you have or the nearer the light, the more you want to shrivel back into the darkness.

There is always devastation when this behaviour happens both with the person it has happened to and the person who is doing it. In actual fact, both are the same thing. Nobody can do anything to you without your permission.

“Life reflects your own thoughts back to you” Napoleon Hill

How would you begin to resolve these issues?
We all have learning handicaps in a very literal sense. There are areas in our learning skills that are so impaired that we can progress only under constant, clear-cut direction, provided by a Teacher Who can transcend your limited resources (someone who has actually transcended the behaviour within themselves). It’s because of yourself, you cannot learn.

A miracle (a change in perception) demonstrates that learning has occurred under the right guidance and what has been learned can be recognised only by its results.

No results = no learning = recurring behaviour = pain

Learning = positive results = behaviour comes to an end = naturally proceed forward = greater happiness

So to name but a few: Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, Vernon Kay, John Terry, Allan McGregor and Paul Robson – do you really want to transcend your behaviour?

And girls – it would be really beneficial to take responsibility and stop believing that the situation can change without any help.