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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 8th Aug 2011 Tagged in , ,

Q. “So in a nutshell, what I always wanted, a job that I love and a man that I love, has quite quickly turned into a major stress-factor. Now to my realisation: if when I get what I want and dream about always turns out to be something shitty, I must be doing something wrong. I must be attracting this with my attitude and behaviour. And this has major implications on me because at the very moment I am seriously slacking and procrastinating with the business and I think it is this fear of something I really want turning into something that makes me very unhappy…” Eva T London


A. Eva when we do something we love we relish the challenges rather than fear them. Life itself is challenge – the experience of happiness, the experience of shame, the experience of guilt, the experience suffering, the experience of peace, the experience of letting go, the experience of love, the experience of pain. These things are all we need to know to have a living experience; these things and life are the same thing….

There are only two reasons why something doesn’t work and that is 1. if our intention for something is out (we think we want something, but we really don’t) or 2. we have a bad past experience. That is it.

I suggest you write down:

  • What you would like to change about your attitude?
  • Why you think you have that attitude and where it came from?
  • What you would like to happen with your situation or challenge and then find out how you could change and action it?

When you embrace your experiences with action and an open mind you can learn lessons quickly and be liberated …