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When you are in the grips of addiction or depression, stress or abuse, it is impossible to imagine the best you. Impossible to believe you can have mindbody mastery. But you can.
We all know accepting you have a problem is the first step, and getting help puts you on a new, straighter path, but what happens when that support leaves? When the rehab is over and you’re on your own. When the darkness creeps back in.

Mental health challenges are at epidemic levels. Three in every five employees in the UK are affected by mental health illness arising from work. A staggering 31% of the workforce has been formally diagnosed with a mental health issue. And mental health issues in the workforce are costing UK employers up to £42 billion a year. Something has to give.

It’s too easy to return from rehab or therapy and put on a mask, hide the problem and pretend everything is OK. But I know what’s behind that mask – and I know hiding is not the answer.
I’ve been sober for over 21 years. Before that, I gradually burnt out during 17 years in large plc companies. I had a debilitating drinking habit that I was in complete denial about. It was everything other than me.

And removing that mask was the most powerful thing I ever did. I transformed my addictions, channelled my destructive energies and revealed my best version of me. And what a phenomenal feeling it is.
Rehab counselling – AA, GA, NA – in early stages of recovery is absolutely essential. It is the net that catches you at your worst moment. It does a remarkable job. But all too often, the darkness creeps back in.

That’s where I come in. I work with change to deliver transformation. My journey and transformation have been astounding – it was a battle, but the results are beyond anything you can imagine. My passion is pulling others out of destructive patterns, stopping the ride before it gets out of hand.

It’s the incredible practices I have mastered that you need to accelerate to the more advanced ways of living. By taking care of these aspects, together, we can either prevent or transform the roots of mental and physical illness. Together, we can put you on an intriguing and exciting journey of understanding your obstacles, one that culminates in the rebirth of the best you.

No more denial. No more rehab. No more struggling alone.

I have worked with alcoholism, OCD, sex addictions, sexual abuse, depression, stress and gambling as well as many other debilitating mental health issues by those in corporate and the high-profile entertainment and sports worlds. And now I’m ready to work with you. This isn’t a book. It’s personal. It’s you and me and a self-management program that is second to none – and it will take you to your best you.

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