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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 28th Nov 2014 Tagged in , , , , ,

I have met a lot of people over the last few weeks who are in pain and are suffering from as they see it unable to achieve what they want to achieve, although the mind is very complex the solution is very simple: We cannot reach the goal by simply using words or affirmations alone. Without practice, nothing can be achieved. The first qualification for the practice is that it should be done for a long time. And then it should be done without a break. And the last qualification: in all earnest. That means with full attention, with the entire application of your mind, and with full faith in your achievement. Self-discipline is an aid to spiritual progress, where as self-torture is an obstacle. The aim of this practice is to cultivate the power of concentration and to remove the obstacles to enlightenment that are the cause of all our suffering.