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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 24th Apr 2013 Tagged in , , ,

Is quite an anomaly, to most. This week I experienced no water in the house, on phoning Scottish water it was not their problem, nor the councils, I had to find the title deeds to the house, I found out a nearby farm had the mains. After speaking with the farm they told us the council had burst a pipe and had been informed. After phoning the council back they asked if I could go out and find the road that the pipe had burst just to make sure it was their responsibility, after thinking I was onto some alien on a different planet, they then said they would take a note of this and find out what had happened. By the way, I am glad I am didn’t drop everything and go investigate a problem that was not my responsibility. Next call 10 minutes later roads department phoned to say they had just been made aware that they had burst the pipe, they hadn’t realised, could we phone or pop in and let our neighbours know what was happening again I could not believe what I was hearing, after suggesting this was their job not mine I recommended they make a note of this at their main switchboard to inform neighbours when they phoned in…

In my opinion, this is quite common in particular with BT and Sky it would appear no one wants to take responsibility. This is the tip of the iceberg, in society. It’s scary the culture we live in – everyone wants to blame everyone else.

Having been like all of the above at various points in my life, and having had very painful lessons regards my irresponsibility  I now relish my new found translation of being responsible. To me, you are responsible to your inner being. Responsibility is freedom!

Responsibility is the idea that Now I have become a mature person. I should take everything in my own hands and start living the way it arises in me.  Immediately I do this I feel a great strength. Guilt makes you feel weak: responsibility makes you feel strong. Responsibility gives empowerment again, confidence, trust.

In everything I do, I believe responsibility means the capacity to respond to life situations according to what my heart feels, not according to anybody else. When you start feeling that, you become an individual. Then you stand on your own feet.

And remember, if you stand on your own feet, then only one day will you be able to walk without feet and fly without wings, if not you never will. Responsibility is freedom…