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Prime Minister faced accusations that he bullied…

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 24th Feb 2010 Tagged in , , ,

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was under increasing pressure after more damaging allegations emerged about his “volcanic temper”.  The PM already rocked by the revelation that No. 10  staff had contacted an anti-bullying helpline – is said to have blown his top on at least 3 occasions.  Well Gordon, anger is always an attempt to control through guilt we often win the battle but lose the war.

The remarkable thing about grievances is that we feel really right about every one of them. Under every grievance is guilt.  Our grievances are what we feel guilty about, projected on to someone else. Every time we complain it is a direct attack on ourself because we are giving all our power away and saying that we do not have the power to make a difference in this situation. When someone gets angry at you there is always a lesson for you to learn.  I am not excusing anyone’s behaviour however the need to dominate comes from fear.  All of us have been victims. Welcome to the human race. The truest way to give up being a victim is to give up our need for revenge. If we stood in our own power; stay true to our own spirit and speak our own truth, we could turn the whole situation around. Forgiveness is the key for everything.

Today see where you can make the difference.  Take action to make the situation better. Ask yourself who am I getting revenge on? Revenge hides under chronic victim situations, yet you are only using someone to hold yourself back.  You can change your mind about the situation and start to heal both yourself and the situation.