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Past Disappointments

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 12th Feb 2010 Tagged in , ,

Q. How do I move on from past disappointments and heartbreak to find more fulfilment from life? It’s a big one and I’m struggling with it every day just now!!  There are no instant answers but fresh eyes are always good…

A. With any frightening problem/situation trust is the answer.  Trust is using the power of our mind to choose the very best in life, knowing that what appears to be dark or painful will be transformed.  Trust is the recognition of how powerful we are in any situation, it both nurtures us and makes us safe.  Over the next few days or weeks write down every heartbreak you have had and every disappointment you have ever had how you felt at that time, what happened, where you are now with it. Forgive and love both the situation, person etc and yourself this is key to dissolving you inner pain.  You will be amazed at how freeing this process can be. Keep a trust journal (record positive outcomes of trusting) on a daily basis, and begin to build a solid foundation from within.