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My Horse Lexi

Posted by MawdsLeigh in , 12th Feb 2016 Tagged in , ,

Written by Veronica Leigh:

No words can express or are enough for the enormous amounts of gratitude I have for you. You have shown me the power of life itself; you have taken me into another world with the power of silence; you have shown me something that is way beyond words.

How arrogant was I to think it was me that was rescuing you from being so mistreated, living a miserable neglected life, when in reality it was you that rescued me and taught me how to drop the shadows and shackles from my past.

I have searched and wondered for the reason for my deep attraction and fascination with horses and I have finally, after much soul searching, truly understood what horses expose regardless of their own fate. With their charisma, magnetism and powerful physique they captivated me fully. They divulge to me my very own reflection of absent-mindedness, my fear of death, my chaos, my superficiality and misery. And what is even more magical is how they would continue to reflect, react and show me until I let go then finally the transformation from my world into the other world: falling in love; allowing my warm loving gentle nature to emerge; as well as feeling my earnestness; my depth, trust and having a respect for myself that I have never known.

My only goal in life is this path and with my absolute enthusiasm for life, to always be connected as one with the most mystical and powerful creatures on earth. I am happy to share the horses secret with anyone who has the same passion to be with their truest nature.

Life is an open book and I am always eager to learn, my real journey with horses and life has only just begun. I am indebted to the horse for showing me its grace beauty and authenticity…