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Let’s Scrap System where Teachers Watch Lives Fall Apart

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 16th Mar 2010 Tagged in , , ,

“British children are some of the least well nurtured in the developed world, according to statistics on poverty, mental health, and behavioural problems.  For many young people who are failing in our schools, their disaffection may be rooted in a lack of early affection and their lack of good, early adult engagement.  Initial teacher training is failing to prepare teachers to understand and support young people with underlying problems.  The implication of this is not that teachers need to be social workers and therapists, but they do need to have therapeutic disposition, a professional understanding of developmental psychology.”
An article by James Wetz a visiting fellow at Bristol University Graduate School of Education

Veronica’s View:

This is great news that the Education System, is now starting to recognise that the situation needs more understanding and development of how school failure inflicts on young people and their teachers and to which inadequate teacher training can only contribute further.  Having realised this problem a few years ago and doing some very successful pilot schemes with student’s teachers and parents, we are really focusing on getting The MawdsLeigh Difference  into the teacher training modules throughout the UK. We have created educational books, workbooks and training for students, teachers and parents which will be available by the end of May 2010. We have a few very successful case studies who have participated in The MawdsLeigh Difference applying what they have learned on a daily basis and we are achieving remarkable results. We have also created a new apprenticeship program where we have some very courageous individuals learning with MawdsLeigh and applying this knowledge into their own lives, relationships, families and businesses and are helping us spread these amazing teachings.