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Knowing Your Centre

Posted by MawdsLeigh in 4th Mar 2015 Tagged in , , , ,

If you are unaware of your centre your life will just be drifting along, just waiting. You are just passing time and that feeling of deep frustration will follow you like a shadow. If you become aware your life becomes actual – authentic, real. Otherwise it will be a deep sleep, a dream. What Abraham Maslow has called “self-actualisation” is really nothing but becoming aware of your inner centre, becoming aware of your roots. Until you find your roots the world will seem alien, foreign. When you know your centre you will know you have grown in the world. If you live unaware of your centre you can only feel terror, anguish and hostility. MawdsLeigh explore both the inner and the outer obstacles that prevent us from bringing more awareness to all our daily activities. Meditation or mindfulness is ultimately a state of being in which we are capable of both action and stillness, work and play, and able to be fully present to each moment of life as it comes.