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You Can Only Heal Yourself…

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 7th Apr 2010 Tagged in , ,

Q: I wanted to ask about projection. When you have successfully worked on a specific projection that has come to your attention from your partner/child and you no longer see it in them – I understand that you either no longer see it in that person or if you do, it does not bother you. However, does the other person also have this trait/limiting belief in order to receive your projection? and once we heal it, will they be healed as well, or will it continue to cause issues for them during their life with other people? I think what I am trying to ask is, can we heal others to the same degree as our own healing?  Thank you.

A: We only have the ability to heal us, we do not have the ability to change or heal others at any degree.  We can lead by example and or share our experience of how we worked through something, however healing can only take place inside a persons own mind, and every individual has that ability to change.