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Happy Fathers Day

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 20th Jun 2010 Tagged in , ,

If you are a parent you will need a tremendous amount of courage – not to interfere. Open the doors of the unknown to your child so that they can explore everything. They do not know what they have in them, nobody knows. Allow them to fumble around in the darkness. Don’t make them afraid of darkness, don’t make them afraid of failure, don’t make them afraid of anything. Give them support. When they are going on an unknown journey, send them with all your support, with all your love, with all your blessings. Don’t let them be affected by your fears. You may have fears, but keep them to yourself. Don’t unload those fears onto your child because that will be interfering.

The main principle of a real parent is to be willing to give them freedom. Do not impose yourself upon your child, do not invade their space. From the very beginning your effort will be to help your child to be himself or to be herself. You can support, strengthen, nourish, but do not impose on their ideas, do not give them the shoulds and should-nots. Do not to create slaves. A child who has been given freedom – will respect you forever, will remain grateful to you forever. True Masculine Energy is to truly give, initiate, be creative, be adventurous. So enjoy and bask in your masculinity.  Happy Fathers Day.