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Growing Old

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 18th Aug 2011 Tagged in , ,

“People go on growing in age but not in maturity. They don’t become really ripe; they remain as childish as anybody else. And when you are a child and are childish it is not so embarrassing, but when you have become old and you are childish it is very embarrassing. They hide it, but deep down they are the same person, nothing has happened — because nothing ever happens without meditation. Just accumulating experience of the outside world does not transform you. It makes you very well informed about many things, but information is information, it is not transformation.”

The benefits of just gathering information, to name a few:

  • Every single one of us has had that embarrassing feeling in the pit of our stomach. That definitely happens more so when you are old and immature.
  • Either you go bright red or at least your neck does! Or you struggle composing your whole physique.
  • You are living your life fast asleep.

The benefits of transformation are:

  • You are completely empowered regardless of the situation.
  • No red face or neck no squirming or squinting in your physique.
  • Knowing your true self and knowing the power of silence!!!!
  • You are beginning to awake.

My Conclusion: I spent over 36 years gathering useless information that got me nowhere, the difference is an experience words are only pointers.

Where do you want to be?

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