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Gamu Nhengu XFactor

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 5th Oct 2010 Tagged in , , ,

The media and press love to create sensationalism, they love emphasising the most shocking and sensitive aspects of someone especially their emotional state, this only fulfils people’s demands. In economics they have a theory, wherever there is demand there is supply. This is what the news and media are doing. I want to change that rule. I want to reverse it.  I want to say “Wherever there is supply, demand is bound to be created.” Don’t go on fulfilling the demand, because the demand is coming from the lowest level of society. Supply from the highest intelligence of the society, and create the demand. And I know it happens, even against all economic theories.

Look at it this way specifically from the highest aspect of intelligence, Gamu Nhengu does not want to be in the X Factor final 12 or she would be there. Ever thought that just maybe something in her psyche is blocking her from doing what she loves doing. It happens to all of us and sometimes the most painful lessons are the most poignant. Everybody loves to project the blame onto someone else; my attitude is that if we all weeded out our own gardens instead of being in everyone else’s garden what a different society and what a very different level of sensationalism the press and media could promote.

So my message to the news and media is that you are not taking responsibility. You are not taking care of humanity. You are simply exploiting people. And Gamu look at what is being reflected back at you; if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me!!!!