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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 9th Jul 2010 Tagged in , , , ,

BE STILL AND KNOW is one of the most fundamental sutras of the inner alchemy.  Everyone is rushing around being busy, trying to look important, when in actual fact being still is key, the answer to everything. Five years ago a Chinese Master exposed my busyness, I was not happy about this and thought that it was ok for him, he didn’t have my life, my mortgage, bringing a my daughter up on my own with no help both financial and parenting from her father, I just could not understand or get my head around the fact that you can do exactly what you want to do no matter what your circumstance and if you stop being so busy, you will find that inner alchemy. Today I am so grateful to this wonderful man for both his honesty and for the way he exposed me. I decided I wanted an effortless way of living.  I had lived on my survival instincts all my life. I was CONDITIONED to be a perfectionist, and perfection is such an ideal that everybody falls short of it. Then condemnation, self-condemnation arises. Everything is imperfect, and it is beautiful that things are imperfect. If everything was perfect and everyone was perfect, life would be so dull and boring that it would be impossible to tolerate it even for a single moment. Trying so many different things, different ways of living, not caring what the outcome is because now I know how imperfect I am has been awesome, getting so many things wrong and all of it all being ok. WOW have I lived this last 5 years to the full. I have done things that I only dreamed about doing at one time in my life, the more stillness I have in my life the bigger the rewards, the more I am able to achieve, the less I buy into society and the perfectionist’s way. Freedom is my only goal, the freedom from something is not true freedom, the freedom to do anything you want to do is also not the freedom I am talking about, the real FREEDOM I am talking about is to be YOURSELF.