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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 4th Jul 2010 Tagged in , , ,

It is really amazing to watch people’s mind how they work and how they make themselves miserable, they go on creating their misery deeper and deeper and more complex and more complex, to a point that they cannot get out it. And you know what? It is all in their imagination. They are only doing it to themselves. Suffering needs to be earned, it takes a lot of effort because to suffer is to go against your true nature it is man-made you are the cause nobody else. You don’t throw your responsibility onto someone else you accept that it is you. To be disappointed is to be frustrated, frustration is a by-product, the more you expect, the more you create your own frustration. So frustration is not really the problem, it is the result. Expectation is the problem. I would love a system in education where we learn only to live in the now, no past, no future only day-to-day living. As harsh as the truth may be, how amazing would it be to learn to respect only those who speak the truth, learn to expose the lies and falsehoods and why we should do this. Give as much time to this as they do Maths, English, Science etc, WOW what a result that could be, no more pain, suffering, misery only the TRUTH.