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Posted by veronicaleigheu in , 30th Apr 2013 Tagged in , , ,

The person who is trying to get answers himself will have to knock on each of the doors; and all the doors don’t lead to the truth. There is only one door in those thousands of doors which leads to the truth. A man walking alone will have to depend on some coincidence that he happens to knock on the right door; otherwise he will have to eliminate all the wrong doors by knocking on them, finding that they are not the right one, until finally all wrong doors are eliminated, and only the right one is left.

This can take thousands of lives. The journey will be infinitely long – so long that the courageous man may lose courage; the intelligent man may get fed up with all that. And rather than reaching the goal, he may turn his back on the whole path of realisation.

Yes, it is possible without help, but the difficulties are tremendous. MawdsLeigh does not lead you to the truth, because we have already travelled the arduous path: we have already found the right door, the right method. We can help you to eliminate the wrong doors.

In other words the function of MawdsLeigh  is not to give you the truth but to make you aware what is false, to make you aware what is not truth. We cut your journey down to the shortest possible way.