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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 7th Aug 2013 Tagged in , , ,

On our recent visit to Egypt the main theme of the trip was courage and more specifically fearlessness. Of course being us there was never a dull moment. We practised diligently this simple exercise: whenever there is a choice, choose the unknown, the risky, the dangerous, the insecure and you will not be at a loss. This we certainly did in abundance . From doing this exercise our growth and self esteem has taken a huge surge.

Courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable. There is never a way to know whether you will be able to make it or not. It is gambling, but only the gamblers know what life is. The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly those fears disappear.

We had the most risky, uncomfortable trip abroad we have had so far. However we have came home shiny eyed, feeling super alive with an overwhelming tranquillity. Wow!! Our recommendation – live life with fearlessness.