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Cheating Keatings

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 25th May 2010 Tagged in , , , ,

Ronan Keating has been cheating on his wife of 12 years a pal of Ronan’s wife Yvonne said “she gave up her career for Ronan and expected loyalty in return”, so let us see she is raging at him because he cheated on her!! Yvonne cheats herself out of a career to keep Ronan happy, in actual fact nothing will keep Ronan happy except himself and only when he becomes aware, then she goes mad when he is not loyal to her (the meaning of loyal is a feeling of devotion, duty or attachment to someone) when you want any of these  things from anyone,  you will always have very painful lessons to learn always, best thing you can do is to lead by example of non attachment, have loyalty to yourself and do what is right for you this way you will never be let down, why would you want to give something up for someone else? If someone doesn’t want you to have something or wants you to compromise yourself they have no real interest in you they just want a puppet on a string, puppets get boring and when you are bored you become distracted.  Think about this “the real meaning of adultery is making love when you are not in love. The other person may be your own husband or wife, but if you are not in love, then making love to them is adultery”. You cannot love another if you don’t love yourself first, so mirror mirror on the wall, Ronan and Yvonne are brilliant reflections of each other. Hopefully the pain of these lessons can start them on the most amazing beautiful inner journey, then there will be no cracks in the marriage it will become the REAL marriage and they can learn powerful lessons from each other that totally transform each of them, then they will begin to see that they are really each other the two are really one!!! If you are aware of something you can get rid of it if you are not aware there is no chance of getting rid of it!!! As for you Ronan when love is not there, marriage is a must. Be in love but retain your freedom. Neither of you owe anything to each other.