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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 12th Feb 2010 Tagged in , , , ,

Q. If a person is being bullied are they attracting the ‘bully’ in  some way – is that solely to do with their emotional maturity being seen as a threat to the bully, or is the bully picking up on something else as well?
I am hoping this makes sense! It got me thinking because we learn on this journey to respond in this way to others.

A. Being a victim (person being bullied) is a form of attack, it is a state of being unaware, a way of being and staying angry.  A victimiser (Bully) sends the violence outward, while the victim directs the violence firstly against themselves and secondly towards someone else.  Neither is to do with emotional maturity both are the exact opposite.  I also believe different upbringing brings different responses to our life challenges and with the correct help anything can be changed and resolved at any time.