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Bucked Off

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 17th Aug 2010 Tagged in , ,

Q: I love horses and riding very much, however I would call myself a cautious rider. Recently my confidence has plummeted as my horse reared, although I stayed on I constantly fear this will happen again even at the littlest things I tense up. How can I learn to trust the horse I am sitting on and become a more positive and confident rider?

Lauren Moore

A:  Life is very difficult if you are unaware, begin to observe what you are getting caught up in start watching the mind before you even get on your horse. Instead of trying to avoid uncertainty and manipulate life take an innocent attitude.  Self confidence is the freedom to know fear and embrace it; allow yourself the freedom to learn lessons, experience failure and success – they are two sides of the same coin, you need them both. When your horse reared how amazing is it that you stayed on, WoW that is courage and courage is to move on dangerous paths. Life is dangerous and only cowards can avoid danger but hey they are already dead.  A person who is really alive will always move into the unknown, they live in the insecurity they take risks and relish the challenge.

The mind always calculates – it is cunning. To look at things from a different perspective the horse always reflects what is going on inside of us, for example if you are tense the horse is tense. The horse picks up your emotions and fear then acts accordingly. Become aware of your mirror. The only way to trust the horse is to trust yourself, that you are able to deal with any situations on your horse, this is confidence and whatever the outcome learn the lesson.