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Beau’s Lameness

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 9th Nov 2010 Tagged in , ,

I have been reading with much interest your section in respect of MawdsLeigh Equus.  My Daughter has owned Beau, a Connemara Thoroughbred Cross, since the beginning of the year (previously loaned him for 1 year). He is 10 years old and up until last August she has very much enjoyed competing/eventing on him in Cross Country, Hunter Trials and Show Jumping.  Back in April this year, Beau developed a hoof infection (Right Front) which was poultered.  Since this infection he has and is, continuing to show signs of lameness with treatment of infusions being administered to the navicular bursa.  Beau has also been re-shod with raised heels due to the vet advising of a high degree of hoof imbalance. The time span of this has now been over many months with Periods of “Box Rest”, and periods of my daughter able to ride “in walk”.

I am eagerly attempting to question my own self awareness in respect of this story – the frustration, the disappointment, that I have felt for my daughter I accept, is my own frustration and disappointment.  I now find myself personally exhausted by all the “external” information surrounding Beaus lameness and feel the way forward is to question the “internal”, especially the mirroring that is going on in terms of Beau, my daughter and myself! Could this be a total imbalance with my daughter? myself? or all of us?

I would welcome any comments, advice or guidance you may have that will enable me to unravel any highlighted truths, which, in turn may help each of us in our own personal journeys!

Thank you

Fiona Hills Lewes, East Sussex

Hi Fiona

You are a very courageous and wise lady to know that whatever is happening externally that is affecting you is an opportunity to look inward and start or continue the healing process.

Beau’s lameness is two things: first he is reflecting aspects of your own inner thought system. Second he is letting you know that he is not being treated correctly and that he is not having an enjoyable experience and that the situation is inappropriate. An insight into the internal world is that the right side represents the (masculine) career, finance (father) the feet are about moving forward and the infection (lack of joy flowing through you). There is also relationship issues horse/rider (daughter) because of the injections Beau requires.

Without working with you to resolve your inner conflict at a deeper level, you have the opportunity here to look at where you have lack of joy in both your career, financial situation and relationships, your daughter will have the same patterns as you and as for the horse Beau he is a gift to open you up to another way of looking at things. Beau is also letting you know that there is a bonding (communication) issue with your daughter (as he needs shots into his bones to reduce friction). This will also reflect the relationship between you and your daughter (friction/lack of joy).

This is only an insight however without working with someone who knows what they are doing the pattern will keep on repeating itself in various forms. On a positive note whenever you have addressed and/or moved through your own dilemmas with clarity only three things can happen: the horse makes a full recovery or a new horse is effortlessly presented to you and you will have complete understanding and awareness of the inner thought system (why things happen, where they stem from and how to resolve situations). As for your daughter she has to want to work with this and sometimes it can take many painful situations before they are ready to become aware. What a pain I had to endure before awakening however what a revelation it was for me to know that there are solutions for everything. WOW!!