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Back again…

Posted by veronicaleigheu in 11th Apr 2013 Tagged in ,

It has been a while since I have blogged, many challenges, many lessons learned, many insights – what a journey. How tremendous life is in awareness. I spoke with a client yesterday that I had worked with quite a few years ago. She was heavily into drugs, alcohol misery and pain. The transformation in her state of mind is an inspiration to me. She is now working in the beauty industry, very successfully. Has been working on many relationships that she thought were beyond repair and has started talking openly with others about her addictions and abuse – something she defied herself of for a long time, knowing deep inside it would help her as well as others. What a miracle. Thank you for our phone call, as she said “although I am still working through my years of abuse, I have never been so fulfilled, so welcoming of any situation, as I know I have the strength to work through it all without using or picking up. What a revelation. I couldn’t have done this without MawdsLeigh”. Well we wouldn’t be here without courageous people like you!!! Any questions just ask!!!