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Authenticity With My Horse

Posted by MawdsLeigh in , 28th Apr 2014 Tagged in , ,

Written by Veronica Leigh

I have heard so many stories over the last few months about how people interpret what their horses like and dislike. Even what they are feeling – how much they love jumping, common rides, hacking and schooling.

Wow these individuals have no awareness of their own behaviour, yet they know exactly what their horse is feeling/thinking… I thought to know yourself is first and foremost then you will know the other!!!!!!

This has brought me to share my own experience with my own horse. In the past I always had a plan or goal whenever I was with my horse. I am not an equestrian and I don’t do normal. However it was about my horse fitting in with my agenda, which was really just made up out of other people’s ideas of what to do with horses. It felt phony, it felt hypocritical and it lead to accidents, power struggles, falls and a few bumps and bruises…

Becoming authentic with this awesome amazing animal has been an amazing experience so far, words could never define this feeling. I now have no agenda.  When I arrive at the field, my mare has options it is entirely up to her if she wants to be with me or not. On each occasion since practicing authenticity she has ran towards me with so much gusto and waited with perfect manners until I have opened the gate. When I get caught up in my thought she nudges me with her head as a reminder to be present when in her company. I observe to see which way she turns sometimes into the indoor school sometimes not, it is always her choice. She is free to do as she pleases.

She walks by my side everywhere I go – it is her choice there are no restrictions. We walk all around the school, sometimes we dance, sometimes a gentle trot. I have no lead rope on her, there is no agenda. She has complete freedom. In the indoor school she always seems drawn to the large mirror on the wall. We stand and observe each other always a profound moment – it touches a place inside me that is indescribable. Then when she is ready she walks towards the door and we walk up to the barn. She is fed and groomed. I walk her back into the field we stand together as partners in total confidence that we have no conditions on each other, just being together in the moment, what a place to be. It is beyond my wildest dreams!! This is as far as I have got with my no agenda and no set times with my beauty and I love every opportunity I have with my beautiful mare. She is a true reflection of my state of being. She has never failed to show me every time exactly where I am in my life.

Thank you Lexi! You are one my greatest teachers.

I leave you with this: How would you behave if your choice was taken away from you?