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Posted by veronicaleigheu in 12th Feb 2010 Tagged in , , ,

Q.  I have to undergo a surgical procedure for a massive kidney stone in the very near future, Louise L Hay says that stones are undissolved anger, well the size of this is about an eighth of my kidney so I must have many years of it.  Now I have been consistently over many years complaining to the doctors about urine infections as a child I had gravel in the kidneys, you would think with this history someone would have investigated further and found this.  It was at a recent visit to the doctor when I said ”  you are going to have to do something about this I am exhausted with this and antibiotics are not the answer”……  Now this has been diagnosed and I am hopefully going to get rid of it, does this mean I am ready to let go and the anger is dissolved?

A. In every disease there is an opportunity to heal, the same situation rises in various forms until the healing is complete.  This time it has surfaced in an extreme form, so that you can recognise that there is still unresolved anger which covers another feeling.  The deeper feeling might be sadness, loss, hurt, vengeance, guilt, frustration or disappointment.  The only way forward is to understand where this feeling stems from you can begin to release this by sitting with the feeling and by forgiving both yourself and your circumstance.  This is the start of dissolving the disease and one way to ensure it doesn’t reoccur is to sit with your feelings of anger until you understand what the deeper feeling is.  Forgiveness is key, this will restore a natural flow.